UTILEV 4-wheel Electric Forklift ‐ UT18-35PFE

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UTILEV® 4-wheel electric forklift trucks feature 48V AC technology with twin brushless 4.6kW or 11kW drive motors on the front axle and an 8.6kW hoist motor, or 80V AC technology with 15kW drive motors and a 10kW hoist motor, delivering excellent performance, as well as low noise levels.

Both drive and hoist systems are fully adjustable to suit the load, the working area and the operator - more than 30 performance parameters can be adjusted to suit the type of load, operating environment and skill of the driver.

Curtis AC Controllers optimise battery power, particularly helpful on ramps and long runs as well as high lifts. The truck is available with fully accessible 48V or 80V Batteries with 500-750Ah capacity. The 1.8t model has a 180amp connector and the 2.0-3.5t versions have a 320 amp connector.

In-built diagnostics record intermittent faults and service requirements, reducing expensive service time. All trucks feature a standard warranty of 12 Months / 2000 Hours.

The range of rigid masts provides excellent visibility for precise load handling and is compatible with a range of fork lengths, as well as attachments, including an integral sideshift.

The operator compartment offers easy driver access, thanks to the low step height and conveniently placed grab handles. The standard seat delivers superior comfort and lumbar support to ensure that the operator can work efficiently throughout the day.

The automotive-style controls ensure ease of operation. The dash display includes performance parameter and fault code information, hour meter, battery level indicator and drive wheel alignment indicator. The small diameter steering wheel features light, precise steering and is tilt adjustable for optimum comfort. The manual hydraulic controls are mounted next to the seat, and are within easy reach. Third and fourth function levers are available as options.

The uncluttered floor plate offers excellent foot space with well-placed accelerator and brake pedals and provides plenty of leg room to help the driver to work comfortably.

Rear view mirrors, an audible reverse alarm and a full light kit, including a strobe light, are fitted as standard, to facilitate handling operations.

Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Wheel Base Turning Radius (mm) Battery Capacity (v/ah)
UT18PFE 1750 3000 Short 1900 48v/420ah
UT20PFE 2000 2006 Short 2090 48v/420ah
UT25PFE 2500 2006 Short 2090 48v/420ah
UT30PFE 3500 2036 Short 2230 48v/420ah