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The UTILEV UT15WE electric low lift pallet truck is available in 5 different configurations offering different fork and load backrest combinations along with a standard warranty of 12 months / 1000 hours.

The convenient on-board charging system keeps the two, 12-volt AGM maintenance-free batteries charged so the unit is ready when needed.

The ergonomically designed control handle minimizes wrist movement and provides a solid grip for additional control while operating the unit.  Lift, lower, and horn buttons are conveniently located at the operator¬ís fingertips.

The butterfly throttle control provides multiple grip positions, minimizing operator fatigue while allowing travel direction and speed to be selected by rotating the actuator in the desired direction of travel.

UT15-18P: Yanmar 2.6L Diesel (32.8kW) or GCT 2.1L Dual-Fuel (31.5kW) engines

Transmission: 1-speed Powershift

Masts: 2-stage LFL, 2-stage FFL, 3-stage FFL (Class II)

Carriages: 1000 or 1100mm (Class II)

Forks: 920mm or 1070mm or 1150mm x 100 x 35mm, (Class II)

Standard Pneumatic Tyres: Drive 6.50-10-10PR; Steer 5.00-8-10PR

Options include: Upswept Exhaust, Muffler - LPG only with 3-way Catalyst, Air Intake with Pre-cleaner, Double Air Cleaner, Hydraulic Oil Filter, Integral Sideshift or Integral Sideshift and Fork Positioner, Valve & Hose Groups - 3 and 4 way, Cab with/without  Heater , Full Suspension Seat,  Rear Work Light, Superelastic tyres


Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Wheel Base Turning Radius (mm) Battery Capacity (v/ah)
UT15WE 1500 190 Medium 1454 24v/65ah